Do men perfer women with big or small breasts?

Is there a way you can position yourself and your partner to have oral sex at the same time? Of course, the 69!

69 is a fun position that anybody can try. The heads are like the loops of a 6 and a 9 – head to genitals, genitals to head, standing, kneeling, side to side, one on top or the other person on top. This sex position expresses all of these variations: Simultaneous oral sex.

There are a few things and considerations that you need to keep in mind to potentially make it better, safer and more exciting for you and your partner. Understanding the concept of it isn’t that hard, but when you go to try and do it, it might be a little difficult, even unsafe if you don’t have any kind of plan and awareness. Need help? Take note of these five essential considerations;


Anatomy, reproductive and otherwise, can really change the design of a position. A two foot torso cannot cover the same distance as a three foot torso. Some bodies are more flexible, while others are stronger and more coordinated. Think about weight, balance, body image, gag reflexes, sense of smell and protection.


Yes, protection is a must for oral sex to stay safe from sexually transmitted infections like herpes, gonorrhea, HPV and HIV are transmitted from mouth to groin, groin to mouth. For oral sex on a penis, use flavored and non-lubricated condoms. A dam is used for oral sex on a vulva, inter-sex genitals, or the anus. Whatever you end up using, it will need to be held in place during 69.

Hygiene And Health

69-ing can be very odorous. It’s natural for you to have an odor. If you feel insecure about this, or as the performing partner and challenged about going down there, talk about it kindly. Dams can cover the taste, and most of the smell. You should be in an adequate hygiene. Thus, pubic hair must be trimmed, waxed, shaved and combed. No one has to perform under unpleasant conditions.

Do It With Enthusiasm

69-ing is better where there’s enthusiasm; when both partners aren’t just performing simultaneously, but they’re experiencing pleasure simultaneously. Oral sex on a penis, also called “Fellatio”, can include licking, kissing, humming, sucking, raking and other mouth-related movements. Even though it’s called a “blow-job,” blowing is not meant to be taken literally. Many fellaters or fellatrix will move their mouths in three basic ways. One, like a popsicle that draws in and out. Second, like a harmonica where the lips slide along the shaft. And third, where the mouth is stimulating a specific part of the penis, and the hand is doing the stroking.


In 69-ing, the two partners would want to negotiate positions where they could possibly use their hand, or move their head easily. For first timers performing oral sex on someone with a vulva, don’t start with this position. If your partner can coach you, ask and listen to directions, using your fingers – but not necessarily to penetrate and making sure you do what feels good to your mouth as well.

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