Do men perfer women with big or small breasts?

Every relationship goes through a maze path wherein we try to know where it is leading us. In the beginning, we don’t worry a lot about chemistry, butterflies in the stomach and the likes – we simply just go with the flow. But later on, we start to wonder and think, “is this love, or is this just about sex?” We begin to worry if those hugs, kisses and sweet moments in the bed are part of love or simply part of the play.

Want to know how to distinguish the two? Here are signs that you should watch out!

He’s just after sex if:

  • He wants to have nonstop sex with you. Does he keep on calling or texting you saying that he wants the “thing”? The guy always wants to see you or be with you in the bedroom, but he doesn’t have any plans of seeing you outside the bedroom. It means only one thing – he only wants SEX! That’s it!
  • He keeps on complimenting your BODY like “I like what you’re wearing tonight,” “you look sexy on that dress” and more. When it looks like he’s more concern about your body than about who you are, then you should keep a distance from that guy. If he keeps blabbering only about your physical appearance without mentioning anything regarding your good traits, you know it’s a red flag.
  • He kisses you passionately only during sex. Kisses are sweet especially when he does it just for the sake of letting you know that he’s into you. But when kissing gets deeper and heavier only while doing the thing, you just can’t help but question if he’s really passionately in love with you.

He’s in love if:

  • He asks you to go somewhere memorable like visiting a museum, watching a movie or concert, play golf and other worthwhile outdoor activities. When you notice that the guy you’re dating sets you as his priority and shows deeper interests in knowing you, he’s the man of any girl’s dream.
  • A guy is in love with you if he does better in cuddling than sex. If he’s more comfortable with sweet physical gestures, then he’s likely to have fallen for you.
  • A man who compliments his woman other than her body is a good sign that you have found the right man. Instead of paying attention to your curves and ass, a guy who’s in love compliments your attitude, personality, and overall traits.
  • If he does little and simply things for you like buying you groceries, holding your hand in public, giving you stuffs you like and other thoughtful gestures that shows how he really wants to be close and intimate with you.

Differentiating love and lust can be hard at times especially when you don’t know what to look for. It can be difficult to tell if the relationship is for keeps or just for hookup. But with these signs, you can now distinguish which one are you in right now. Are you with the man for keep or for pleasure? It’s for you to find out!

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