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We all know orgasm feels good and having an orgasm can actually make every woman healthy and beautiful. If you’ve never had one before, hopefully the information in this article helps you to achieve an orgasm.

Be Patient

Figuring out yourself and figuring out your body and reaching the goal of orgasm are a journey. There is a lot of pleasure before you orgasm and the orgasm is just a small part of sex. Be patient, enjoy the pleasure and enjoy doing things while you’re having sex or masturbating. The first time that you touch yourself, it’s not going to happen instantly and it might take you hours, days, weeks or even months. But know that just because it takes you a bit longer to orgasm, doesn’t mean you won’t be able to experience it. Take it more as a journey, the pleasure you are receiving or giving yourself.


Masturbation is absolutely one of the best ways you could achieve your first orgasm. There’s a lot of value in masturbation such as being able to figure yourself out, your body, what you like, what you don’t like, what your fantasies are and how you like to be touched. Usually, when we are having sex with a partner, we are constantly worrying about how they might feel. It doesn’t really help you be present and enjoy the pleasure. Masturbating is one of the main tips in order to explore your body and reach your orgasm with no time limit and no pressures.


There’s so much pressure that we put on ourselves such as doing this and doing that. It’s like a magic puzzle and everything has to be perfect. You think that the formula has to be amazing in order for you to reach an orgasm. But it should not be like that. Orgasms come on different times, at different stages in your life and you can have a whole range of emotions. Just relax and create a nice environment. If you are very stressed or nervous, you’re going to be really tight and it’s going to create more uncomfortable sensations and may get hurt through penetration. You can do something prior to going ahead like taking a bath beforehand, listening to music or masturbating to make you feel comfortable.

Be Present

A lot of sex happens in our heads. You don’t want to be thinking about your grocery list, whether your parents are going to walk in on you or a picture of your grandma you have on the wall, forget all that stuff. There so many things in our lives that are stressful and during sex is not the appropriate time to think about them. Try to be present and feel the sensations in your body. You want to make sure that your brain and your body are connected.

Focus On Your Clit

Focus on sensations on your vulva, which is the exterior part of your vagina. This part has 8,000 nerve endings and 70% of girls need their clit in order to reach orgasm. So, clit stimulation is definitely very important.


Don’t be afraid of exploring what you like, your fantasies and your turn ons. Focus on what feels good, go away from what feels bad or uncomfortable and definitely get to know yourself and your body.

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