When it comes to boobs and their sizes, men are always thinking about them. So the question about whether males prefer women with big tits or small breasts, is probably moot. Still, it must be asked since people tend to have differences of opinion. At the same time, they also have varying taste in body parts. This includes tits, of course. One joke about boobs and their size helps to answer that question. In the joke, four different women go in for a job interview. The boss is a man and all of the women are highly qualified. However, the one who got the job is the woman with the biggest tits.

While that may be a joke, it is not too far from reality. Men may find that scenario funny and understandable. Yet females don’t share the same feelings when it comes to their breast’s sizes or the joke. History and conventional wisdom have taught us that men prefer females with big boobs. Research after research has found that when it comes to caching a man’s eyes, big breasts play a huge role. In addition, mainstream movies, magazines and TV shows are constantly bombarding viewers with women with big tits. In the adult world, bit tits porn movies generally get much more views than others.

Even with all of the images of women with big tits being thrown our way, the winner between big and small tits is not that simple. In one study, thousands of men polled were asked what kind of breast sized woman they preferred the most. The options were small, average and large breasted women. More than 53% of males chose average as their ideal size. Large came in second place with over 35% choosing women in that category. Only 11% of those surveyed chose small breasts as their choice though. In another study, numerous women were fitted with different size padded bras. They were then sent to a cafe to sit by themselves. The research found that as the woman’s bra size grew larger, the interest in them increased as well. More and more men approached the women as their tits got bigger.

A different research used an eye tracking device to gauge how long men looked at women’s boobs. Girls in numerous breast sizes were used. The findings showed that males gave greater amount of attention to the women with bigger tits. The majority of men stared at those women who had medium and large breasts for longer periods. It proved the theory that women have about men. That is that males generally talk to their tits and not them. Or that they look at their tits when talking to them, and not their faces.

Much like society, the porn industry embraces this ideology. When it comes to hardcore porn videos of women with huge boobs, there’s no shortage of them. In fact, the bit tits category is among one of the most popular in porn. Huge natural tits for example, is often a phrase you see come up in adult sites. People want to see beautiful women with hot bodies of course. However, they also prefer them to have huge boobs as well.

The big tit porn movies often get millions of views, comments and shares. In fact, the number two adult star or most popular porn star has huge boobs. Mia Khalifa is renowned for her perfectly big boobs. Her big tit porn movies are among the most popular in many adult sites. Other porn stars who share the top places mostly all have big tits. Adult film stars such as Brandi Love, Lisa Ann, Moriah Mills and Lana Rhodes are all extremely popular in porn rankings. Consequently, they all also have big tits. Women and men’s fixation with huge boobs can be seen in other industries. For instance, breast augmentation is one of the most used when it comes to plastic surgery. Tons of females get breast implants in order to make their tits bigger.

Interestingly enough, there are many who prefer natural big tits. It doesn’t mean that these men will ignore or not desire women who have their breast enlarged. On the contrary since it’s part of the reason so many females do it in the first place. But it does show that most people enjoy looking at natural big tits. Case in point is how many different variations or added keywords are available when it comes to the big tits category. They could be hardcore porn videos of an ebony girl with big tits. Maybe an Asian babe with huge melons or teen with big boobs. In the end, the many different variations show that bigger is better. At least when it comes to pornography and big tits porn movies.